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Aktualności IAPC

Expulsion of Ursula Gauthier

The Foreign Correspondents Club of China is appalled at the decision of the Chinese government to deny accreditation to the Beijing correspondent of L’Obs – Ursula Gauthier. Without this accreditation she will be forced to leave China at the end of December, as no new visa can be issued without a new press card. It follows a month in which Ms. Gauthier has been attacked in the state-controlled media, following an article she wrote on Xinjiang. She has also been the target of numerous death threats, with her picture and address published and distributed online. The Chinese authorities issued an ultimatum to Ms Gauthier, insisting--among other things--that she apologise publicly, state publicly that she does not support terrorism and distance herself from foreign NGOs and media who presented her case… more »

IAPC Freedom of Speech Award 2015 for three journalists imprisoned in Egypt

Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed – journalists of Al-Jazeera television – are the laureates of the third edition of IAPC Freedom of Speech Award. They are awarded in recognition of the defence of truth and freedom of expression while facing ongoing intimidation and imprisonment. Peter Greste accepted the award during ceremony in Warsaw, Poland on behalf of Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed who were unable to arrive to the gala. Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy i Baher Mohamed are journalists of Al-Jazeera English television, who were arrested in Cairo on 29 December 2013. They were reporting on the events in Egypt in the way that was not tolerated by the government of this country. An excuse for arresting them was a lack of permission from the Egyptian authorities to… more »

Azerbaijani journalist Rasim Aliyev killed

IAPC Statement after Azerbaijani journalist Rasim Aliyev was killed International Association of Press Clubs expresses its deepest concern over the situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan, where freedom of speech is severely restricted. We call upon the authorities of this country to ensure proper working conditions and safety of journalists as their profession is a public service mission. We demand release of the journalists prosecuted and imprisoned for using freedom of speech. We express sympathy with the family and friends of the Azerbaijani journalist Rasim Aliyev who died on August 9 in a hospital in Baku after being brutally beaten. According to our information Aliyev might have been attacked after he placed a comment on a social networking website regarding one of the Azerbaijani soccer player. It raised threats against… more »

International conference on Freedom of the Press

On May 25-27, The Jerusalem Press Club hosted its first conference on Freedom of the Press: Old Commitments, New Challenges under the auspices of the International Association of Press Clubs. Twenty-six countries were represented including Israel, Liberia, Poland, Mongolia, Turkey, Congo, Kenya, Nepal, Gambia, Russia, Kosovo, Germany, France, Spain, India, Argentina, and Malawi. Daniel Pearl was remembered at the opening of the evening. Former Wall Street Journal Correspondent and good friend Asra Nomani, a Muslim woman, spoke of the time when Pearl went missing and was murdered.  Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat attended and gave opening greetings. [embed][/embed] A session chaired by writer Irene Prusher, "Reporting from the War Zones" included Georges Malbrunot,  a reporter from La Figaro,  who was held captive in Iraq for 124 days in 2004. Also on that panel… more »

FCCC’s China Annual Working Conditions Report 2015

China’s importance in current affairs continues to grow, and foreign journalists’ efforts to chronicle the important events and changes have kept pace. Unfortunately, getting access to the news in China is not getting any easier. Official harassment, obstruction and intimidation of foreign correspondents and their local staff remain serious problems. Over the past year, foreign leaders and diplomats continued to raise the issue of foreign media press freedoms at the highest levels of the Chinese government, but with no detectable result. Foreign governments, meanwhile, have refrained from reciprocating by obstructing the work of the increasing number of Chinese state media journalists posted abroad. China’s Foreign Ministry has for years offered assurances that working conditions are improving and will continue to do so. The annual Working Conditions survey conducted by the… more »

OPC Awards Showcase Ambitious Reporting in 2014

This year’s Annual Awards Dinner featured OPC Award recipients in 22 categories. In addition, OPC President Marcus Mabry presented the President’s Award to David Rohde, investigative reporter for Thomson Reuters. During his keynote address, Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times, praised award recipients for their tenacity, and called for more recognition of great international reporting amid “hand wringing” about financial pressures on the news industry. “The issues confronting the world are big, and our ambitions should be at least as big,” he said. “The only institution big enough and powerful enough and unselfish enough to investigate is the press. There may be no time in our history when the absolute necessity of what we do is more powerfully evident yet our insecurity is too much on display.… more »

Malaysian police arrested TMI editors

We note with grave alarm that our colleagues at The Malaysian Insider (TMI), including the publisher of The Edge Media Group, have been arrested by police apparently to aid investigations over a report published on March 25 concerning the Conference of Rulers and a proposal to amend laws concerning Islamic law. We in no way vouch for the veracity of the article and welcome all stakeholders to hold journalists up to good ethical standards. Should there be any question of law, we accept that the police have a role to play in investigations. But just as with previous arrests of media personnel, and the recent use of the Peaceful Assembly Act and Sedition Act against politicians, activists and even students, authorities have used unwarranted and high-handed tactics to intimidate those… more »

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) Visa Survey 2014 Findings

The FCCC has compiled the results of this year’s annual survey of its members’ visa issues, based on your experiences over the course of 2014 and during the visa renewal season at the end of the year. We received 126 responses; thank you for your help. In general, the visa renewal process went more smoothly this year than last, when New York Times and Bloomberg reporters were made to wait until the last moment for their visas. We are disturbed, however, to find that the Chinese authorities are continuing to abuse the press card and visa renewal process in a political manner, treating journalistic accreditation as a privilege rather than a professional right, and punishing reporters and media organizations for the content of their previous coverage if it has displeased… more »

Condemning the Murder of Journalist Kenji Goto

The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan condemns in the strongest terms the murders of journalist Kenji Goto and his friend Haruna Yukawa by the group known as Islamic State. Our hearts go out to their families and friends, and to the Japanese people. We demand that all parties in international conflicts, whether they be states or non-state groups, recognize that journalists should never be targeted and are not to be seen as representatives of the policies of their national governments. There was no justification whatsoever to punish Kenji Goto for grievances that may be felt against the Japanese government. The task of a journalist is to report the facts and truth of affairs, even in dangerous zones of military conflict. Kenji Goto was an exceptionally brave and important journalist whom… more »