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Press Club Polska is an organisation of and for working journalists and media professionals. The club is a private, non-profit institution and is not affiliated with any government office or agency and does not advocate or participate in any political activity.

Press Club Polska is committed to supporting the ongoing improvement of the profession of journalism as well as promoting and defending freedom of speech and the right to access information in Poland and the region.

The club is located in the center of Warsaw, a 3-minute walk from the Parliament, next to the US, Swiss, Canadian and French embassies. Press Club is a ‘place like home’ for members from local and national media and foreign correspondents working in Poland, as well as for foreign journalists visiting Warsaw. Moreover, the club acts as a downtown ‘second office’ for our members – with a club room, work space, concierge and appropriate communication facilities.

Press Club Polska provides classes, training and workshops led by the top professionals, panel discussions, off the record meetings and other professional development activities.

Press Club Polska is a member of the International Association of Press Clubs and the European Federation of Press Clubs.

Contact us:
tel. +48 22 299 71 27
email: sekretariat@pressclub.pl

Visit us:
Aleje Ujazdowskie 6A
00-461 Warszawa